Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let There Be Sight

Guess what I did!  Go on... Guess.

I'll wait.

No I didn't pet a rabid wallaby OR carve my likeness in bar of lye soap.  What I DID do was get Lasik surgery.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???  I can't.  I still can't.  I'm sitting here typing this without glasses/contacts/monocles or by braille and I still can't believe it.


That's right, it's bold, italicized AND underlined people!  If that doesn't tell you just how earth-shattering this is, let me spell it out for you.  Hello, my name is Missy and I have a slight (maybe not so slight) case of hypochondria.  See, I just knew that if I did this simple, completely elective surgical procedure, that I would have to be immediately fitted with a white cane because I would lose an eye due to the microbial nature of air that caused a deep rooted infection of which literally ate my eyeball.  I. Was. Certain.

Well color me shocked when not only did I NOT lose an eye, I gained some serious vision!  Although, I won't lie...  I might have freaked out a little when I woke up the next day and couldn't really focus on anything and nothing was clear.  My doctor told me before the procedure that I would be able to resume normal activity - even work on my computer (you know, like I do for a living) - the very next day.  Uhhh no - not for me.  It took me a good week before I could see clearly, but here I am despite my certainties of blindness... seeing clearly.

One thing I forgot to do?  Take before and after pictures.  Probably a good thing though, nervous puking a pretty picture does not make.  So for your viewing pleasure, I present to you "before" and after.



Clearly (pun fully intended), I should of done this a long time ago.


  1. I like the braids. Those are hot.

  2. I don't wear glasses and don't have poor vision... but, I sure do need some serious Lasik surgery to be as awesome as you in that after shot!!!