Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playing in my milk

So I stumbled across a youtube video and thought it would be super cool to do with my daughter.  The moment I said "Kayla - do you want to do a science project?"  She immediately put down her bubble wrap and ran to the table screaching "YEAAAAAAAAAH!" the whole way. 

What, your kid doesn't play with bubble wrap on any random Tuesday night?

Anywho - I have to admit, watching it actually happen is way cooler than taking a still picture, but it was still fun to take pictures at different intervals and see how different it looks.  I really like some of the more colorful shots.

This one reminds me of tie dye

Fun fact - after strange milk/food coloring/dishsoap voodoo is done, it turns a really unattractive color that is not good to spill on anything perceptible to food coloring.  Just ask my cream colored upholstered dining room chair.

Here's the video I saw - though while admittedly mine didn't do such a cool pattern, it was still fun to watch. 


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