Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ducks, The Kid and Lulu

Living in the Seattle area amounts to two kinds of weather except for the month of August.  'Wet' and 'not wet at the moment'.  While the rest of the country got buried under feet of snow all winter, we got.... wet.

Today it was 'not wet at the moment', so we went to Decoursey Park to check out the ducks, get some fresh air - and of course play with the Glory Lens again.  I have been itching to get out and play with the Glory Lens since the tutu experience, but the 'wet' got in the way.

During tutu-gate, I primarily left my aperture at 1.6 to see what kind of bokeh I could achieve.  While I loved the creamy, dreamy blur, I learned that hitting focus just right so shallow is a skill I need to develop - so this time, I played with aperture and really used it like I would at any shoot.  I am in love.

You can't go to Decoursey and not see ducks.

Do you see the lining on that jacket?  Grandma knows fashion!

But the best part is the back.

Hey look, another duck (goose, whatever)

Is it weird that I love to walk slow and take pictures from behind?

I'm not exactly sure what she was looking at, but she was seriously pondering it.

A small little glimpse of sun.  It's all so foreign

And it wouldn't just be me if I didn't do a black and white edit...

And then there was Lulu.  This dog was the smelliest dog I have ever encountered, but she cracked me up.  It's Lulu's world, we're just living in it.
Please please please stay 'not wet at the moment' for a little longer than a moment next time!  It totally started raining when we got in the car to go.  Oh well, we got a little taste of Spring.... for a moment. 

Sweet Shot Day


  1. The pictures are beautiful. You did a great job. I love rain so I could so live in Seattle but for some reason I live in the Sunshine State. lol

  2. Oh sunshine... we finally have some today and are heading out as soon as nap time is over. Who would have ever thought I would be wanting it over quickly!

    Lulu cracks me up... perfect photos. Pigtails!

  3. That Hello Kitty jacket is adorable! And if I thought I could lift her, I'd drive up north and kidnap Lulu. Oh yes I would! ;)

  4. bulldogs are SO smelly but SO totally cute!

  5. Your daughter is adorable- her jacket is too cute! It's been the same weather in Oregon... rain... rain... rain!

  6. sweet pictures, she seems totally unaware of the modeling session (must be used to it like mine)...and your dog: classic. love it.

  7. awww. i love me some lulu! presh!

  8. Thanks everyone! Lulu is awesome, but she's not mine - I saw her walking by and just had to ask her owner for a picture. I could have spent all day shooting Lulu, if it weren't for the smell! Dear God, what did that dog roll around in? :)

  9. Great pictures of your daughter. Love, love, love the jacket :) The shot from behind is my favorite!

  10. Lulu is so cute!!!

    I love the pictures! Kayla is so pretty.....and I love to walk slow and take pictures from behind too :)