Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Fish... Or not to Fish

So The Man and I are becoming pretty outdoorsy.  We both grew up outside either endless days outside playing (more him than I), camping (more me than him) or just plain ol' day trips of outdoor fun.  We've started going back to our roots now that we have The Kid.

We live in a comfortable house - adequate bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas... but one thing this house lacks is LAND.  We have zero yard, zero privacy and no storage.  Sounds like a dream, eh?  When we want to go outside to play, we usually have to hoof it down the street to the little development community playground.  It works, but man is it a drag.  Someday I will be able to sit on my deck and watch The Kid play in the yard while Mommy drinks margaritas.  (I'm totally serious)  *swoon*

Anyway, my point is (I really do have one)...  we're venturing more and more OUT so that we don't go sitr crazy IN.  Last year we bought a travel trailer to go camping - if you want to call it that, there's a microwave and a shower for crying out loud.  We bought a boat as well, nothing fancy, it's a blow up number with a motor.   To my dismay, you can't tow a trailer AND a boat.  Hmph.   But it works to get out on the water and play while camping.

Our newest endeavor is fishing.  By fishing, I mean go out in the blow up boat, bait a hook and drop the line while holding on to The Kid because she's leaning over the boat splashing her pole in the water until we decide to pull up our lines and go back to the campsite.  She doesn't get it or what it's all about.

SO - in an effort to teach her about fishing, understand our objective and to experience catching a fish, we headed over to Bill's Fishing Hole, which is a local U-fish joint.  I kid you not, you put your hook in that water and 30 seconds later, you have a fish in your bucket.  Fish in a barrel anyone?

It worked. Kayla was SO excited over the fish, she couldn't stop giggling and she bugged us to go fishing every 30 minutes after we got home.  :)

A little instruction from Daddy

I love this...  You can just feel the anticipation
Sweet Shot Day
It's getting closer, the excitement is looming!

She did it!

She is SO proud of herself

And let's not forget the cheesy picture that Mom has to have.

Well, she enjoyed her fishing day.  She even ate it for dinner - really, she cleaned her plate which flat shocked me.  She has never been a fan of fish, but I guess everything tastes better when you have to work for it.  :)

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  1. Oh my goodness I love that picture of her with 'looming excitement' what a great moment captured! She obviously had a blast! that was a great idea! Fish in a barrel...now SHE's hooked!