Saturday, April 9, 2011

Daffodils, Pirates and EVIL

I should have known.  I really should have known.  See every year here in the Puyallup Valley, there is a Daffodil Parade.  It is the joyous Spring kick off event full of joy and merriment to be had by all young and old.

It also has clowns.

Not full of merriment for this lady.


Sure that creepy freak of nature on the moped was handing out candy to the kids, but all I could see was this guy:

The only reason I didn't run screaming like a little girl was because my 3 year old daughter was with me and I was trying to appear more mature than her.  And because I was with friends.   Not necessarily in that order.

Aside from the traumatizing event I never want to talk about again, it was a lovely event.  The sun peeked out a little, there were springy daffodils everywhere (it IS the Daffodil Parade after all), and there were the local school marching bands.  About uhhh let's say "several" years ago, I played the flute in my Jr. High marching band and walked this parade myself.  I didn't envy those kids today - but at least it wasn't raining on them like it always did me.  Hmph.

Kudos to these kids... I've been there.

The pirates were funny!  They really got into the crowd and had them play along.  I was amused (until the evil brigade showed up, but I don't wanna talk about it)

There were so many colorful marchers, a clam, horses galore and even Darth Vader!
And then there were our Service Men and Women.  Every time a group of ROTC kids or Veterans would come marching by, there was applause.  You could literally feel the pride.  

And Kayla enjoyed waving to every single one that went by

A big thank you to our friends Jeff, Kari and family for staking out the spots and saving us room!  


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