Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping and Nature

Ahhhh  Summer.  I have missed you so much.  I should write and Ode to Summer.

Ode to Summer
I love you
The end.

Nearly brings a tear to your eye, no?  It's pretty evident that I have missed my calling, folks.    

Oh well, millions in lost poetry royalties aside, we have been enjoying the beginning of Summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  This last weekend we caravaned (is that a word? It is now) down to Taidnapam Park at Riffe Lake to have some fun in the sun and water.  I say caravan because The Man towed the camping trailer in the truck, and I towed the boat in the Pilot.  Yes, I agree, it's pretty ridiculous in theory - don't tell Al Gore.

With our carbon footprint freshly imprinted, we camped, we boated, we fished and had a great time.  Of course, the first day of our arrival, it rained - but come on.  This is Washington - there is rain - we deal.

Kayla is ready for the boat now. (of course, we still hadn't hooked up the trailer at this point)

 Jumping up and down on the picnic table is a good time waster until we can go in the boat

Kayla cannot help herself when there is a campfire.  She kept asking all day "can we have a fire now?"  Finally... She called this a birthday.  You know, the stick on fire was a birthday.

The next day we went for a few bike rides, hikes, walks to the playground

This was a creepy tunnel you had to walk through to get to the playground.  Shrieking anyone?

Then we went out on the Cowlitz to go fishing.  There were a number of Osprey out there fishing on the river as well.  I caught a decent size trout (the only one of the day, thankyewverymuch), but the eagles did much better than I did.
They actually dive into the water.  Like INTO the water.  I've seen bald eagles swoop down and snag a fish off the surface, but these birds flew up high, tucked their wings in and went down in a straight line and plunged into the water.  They were in there for about 30 - 60 seconds and would fly up and out with their catch of the day.  Impressive, really.

This is my favorite Osprey-with-a-fish picture of the day.  I only had my 85mm lens with me, so hey, shout out to the bird who flew close enough for a close up!

What a great weekend.  Even if it was a little drizzly of a start - as soon as it stopped, the sun came out and stayed out and even provided some heat at about 75.  Pretty perfect for me.  It went by entirely way too fast, but our next trip is right around the corner.... to the beach! (any bets on weather?  You never know what you're going to get at the Wa. Coast.  I've got everything crossed to be able to go coat free)

Are there any other campers feeling the love so far this summer?

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Amazing in flight photo!

  2. Blue Tarp Campers Unite. Though I think I would enjoy camping a lot more in WA with a trailer, carbon footprint or not.

    These are fantastic shots! Love the bird flying so close--beautiful!

  3. that last shot is a crazy wicked shot!!!! The fish in his talons!!!! With an 85mm no less! However, the darling daughter is much prettier and has more personality!

  4. Oh wow, those eagle shots are amazing!

    Sounds like a wonderful camping trip. (Your daughter is darling.)


  5. hahaha I love your poem! Enough said. Why add more words when a few will do? :)

    That last shot of the osprey is stunning!

  6. These shots are wonderful! And how adorable is her hair!!!!

  7. OUTSTANDING captures!! That last one is incrediable! I also love your little one jumping on the picnic table!! too cute :)

  8. All great shots. She is so sweet, just love her curls! The tunnel shot is very cool!

  9. Wow...these photos are amazeballs. I don't throw that word around either!