Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puyallup Area Mini-Session Event!

Hey - want your picture taken?  Want your kids' picture taken?  Want a quick family smile captured for posterity?

It's a nice week for weather FINALLY - and I have a bad case of "shutter-itch" (man, that sounds bad!) and I just want to take some pictures. 

I'll be at the South Hill Community Park tomorrow.  Show up and I'll do a mini-session for you, free.  Just let me point the camera at you or your cute little kid/dog/stuffed frog and snap some pics. Absolutely no obligation.  I only ask your permission to use your image(s) here on my blog or website.

I'll process them up like any other shoot I do and post them on my website for you - if you would like to purchase something, you'll have a hefty discount - but there is absolutely no obligation!!  If you're only looking to practice your smile and see what it looks like online, hey, I'm happy to help.  :)

Look, this is fun for me and hopefully for you - and I hope there are some people interested.  I want to do as many folks as I can, but depending on the response, that may not be possible.  If you intend to come, please send me an email at missy@allieraephotography.com and let me know.  If I am unable to shoot everyone that is interested,  I may do this again at a future date and/or make it a recurring event.

When: TOMORROW!  June 22, 7:00pm
Where: South Hill Community Park- follow the trail starting at the playground that wraps around.  I'll be the one with the camera.  Directions
Why: Because I want to
Remember:  Please email me if you intend to come

Come by!  Spread the word!  Help me cure my shutter-itch! (I really need to come up with a better term for my "condition")


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