Tuesday, May 31, 2011

....aaaaand we're back!

I don't know what the problem was, but Blogger did NOT want to let me log in to my account.  I didn't even have the option to, I could never get to the sign on screen for my blog since Mother's Day! 

Lame to the Max.

Since I was thoroughly really T.O'ed (that's Ticked Off - which is pretty serious), I have lined up a really super cool neato blog with someone else.  So stay tuned for that! 

In the meantime, I have been playing, playing and playing some more with my camera gear.  I've got some new techniques, some new lighting and even a new camera bag all of which I adore.  (The bag seriously, I've never been in love with an inanimate object so deeply before.  Well, aside from my Kitchen Aid, obviously)

Here is a sneak peek of what I've been up to:

There was camping (We went to Wenatchee Confluence.  Fun!)

I played with some new lighting equipment - and people who were willing to get in a tree.  :)

And had a SUPER fun session taking pictures of my friend's (Tonya - BFF shout out!)  92 year old mother, Miss Evelyn - who wanted to get down on the ground to pose for me.  I adore her.

I hope to share more of these sessions when my other non-lame blog gets up and running...  Stay tuned!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Missy, I love your photos, you have really captured the spirit of the people, especially Miss Evelyn. What a joy to look at. Thank you.

  2. Anytime there is a photo of a lovely LADY.....I smile and think of my granny's. Thank you for bringing such joyful memories to my mind.

    What kind of bag did you get? I have been looking at a few, but am not sure which one to go with?

  3. I love the picture of Miss Evelyn.

  4. Great shots. Wow...your friends' grandmother looks AMAZING.

  5. I love your photos! Especially that last one- fun and fabulous!

    Don't talk to me about blogger. I still can't comment with my google profile unless it's a pop up box so have to fill in my details every time. But hey, I'm not here to rant, so... FAB shots!

  6. Love these! Miss Evelyn is wonderful!

    What kind of bag did you get? I've been in the market for one for over a year and I'm still up in the air about what I want!