Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well, we started swimming lessons for Kayla.  The excitement level prior to arrival was palpable....  the excitement level after we got dressed to go home, well...  it wasn't quite the same.

See, our daughter is a little bit of a chicken with most things - and that's okay!  Alot of things in this world is scary, like dunking your head under water.

She really had to warm up to the idea of even getting into the pool, she really contemplated it.

And after a little bit of coaxing and "it's okay"s, she finally got in... and promptly turned around to get out

But after a little more coaxing and "it's okay"s and "wee!" and "it's fun!"s, she started to loosen up and enjoy it a bit (as long as her head didn't go under that water)

Her favorite part was the kicking

She didn't really care for the "torpedo" part much since that involved getting the water near your face holes

BUT she survived and lives for another day of swimming lessons.  We'll see.  I'm not so sure she'll be as ready and excited to go as she was the first time (not knowing that drowning was an option), but we'll see.  I ask her if she wants to go again and at first it was NO, but the next morning I got the occasional yes, so there may be hope yet.  :)

(Technical neato factoid - this pool was the darkest room ever, it was little therapy pool in another room than the main pool, and they didn't have any lighting on whatsoever, just what was leftover/available from the main pool windows.  It was really dark - so all of these pictures were taken at ISO 2000.  Can you even believe that?  TWO THOUSAND.  *swoon*  I am in love.  These are all straight out of the camera - there is some noise, very little, and that exposure is wonderful considering how dark it was.  It is so nice to have the ability to shoot in even super dark situations.  Wee!!)


  1. Face holes. LMAO
    These pics are phenom! I wanna marry your camera.

  2. Great Pictures!!! I love your camera too!!!!!

  3. These are really amazing! I won't go past 400 on my camera (even though it would be okay). Thanks for linking up!