Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Day at the Aquarium

 Kayla and I had the day to ourselves so we called Aunt Christy and asked her if she would like to do something fun - after much deliberation, we decided to meet for lunch and then go to the Seattle Aquarium on the waterfront downtown.  It was a beautiful day for a drive - 90 degrees, not a cloud in sight. 

You know what's fun to do with new eyes and a camera that can handle ISO?  Jack that sucker up to ISO 2500 and take pictures of fish in tanks.   I am simply in awe every time I go above ISO 800.

 I think this was some kind of anemone... but don't quote me on that

This was some kind of coral...  interesting.

Jellyfish galore - I swear I could have just sat there all day and watched the jellies. 

Weird Seahorses (Seahorsiosis Weirdosa)

Many many anemones (anemoni?)....

Seals!  They were so cute, I just love seals.

And of course....  Nemo.  Kayla's favorite. 

SUCH a fun day.  I love aquariums. :)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Love the jellies! They are my favorite thing to photograph at the aquarium. They are peaceful and cool!

  2. Like you, I could watch these all day long!!! Love the shots!!! Amazing!

  3. These are amazing! The otter, the clown fish and the jellyfish are my favorites. The details on the otter and the colors on the fish and jellyfish are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing!